When To Send SMS Marketing Campaign?

When To Send SMS Marketing Campaign?

by Kenneth Momanyi December 11, 2017

There have been many research articles confirming that SMS Marketing Campaigns are the best form of marketing for open and read rates. Industry’s common knowledge shows that customers are becoming more and more mobile and people tend to open a text message approximately when they receive it while messages sent at night are read first thing in the morning.

At TextWik, we recommend doing your research first before sending SMS Marketing Campaign for best results and here are few tips to keep in mind:

  • Remember that time zones differ based on countries. And for this reason, try keeping it local when sending your text marketing campaign unless you know what the time difference will be.
  • Depending on the kind of business you’re running, send an SMS message around one month before your main event.
  • Send a 2nd SMS around 1 -2 weeks from the event to maintain interest without giving the sense of overwhelming or invading the personal space of your customers. This builds excitement, increasing engagement and awareness.
  • We suggest sending another SMS a week or three days before the start of your event as a gentle reminder – remember people get busy and may forget.

Examples of time specific campaigns:

  1. Appointment Reminders: Example salons, medical or dental appointments etc. To allow the recipients time to respond with any cancellations, make sure the reminders are sent between 24 and 48 hours before the appointment.
  2. Offers, Deals & Discounts: This depends with your kind of business and customer base. Example a restaurant will advertise a lunchtime offer by mid-morning. But, for a dinner discount, e.g. special 2 for 1’s, etc. give a customer enough time to respond and make any personal arrangements. Best time to send the text message will be at least 5 days in advance.
  3. Weekend Sales: We recommend sending out your campaign message early in the week followed by a last-minute reminder text sent in the early afternoon on Friday.

Here Are a Few More Tips to consider.

Weekend Sales

SMS marketing during the weekend is a treasure house for retailers, but even better for consumers who take advantage of some incredible deals. Sending promotional text messages on the weekends creates opportunity for some businesses to attract more customers when there is more competition.

Research from the Mobile Marketing Association shows that 94% of SMS messages are opened and read. Independent SMS marketing study conducted by TextWik found that recipients responded more to promotional Texts they received on the weekends and when the send volume was high. The unique open rate for Saturday and Sunday is very high for both days, making it the highest percentages of the week.

But before you change all your SMS marketing campaign launches to Saturday and Sunday, we recommend you test both weekdays and weekend first. It’s advisable that you try splitting your list in 3 groups and send the same text to group A on Monday, group B Wednesday and group C on Saturday or Sunday and repeat the process for a month analyze your open rates and see when you get better results.

Holiday Sales

We all know that major holidays are during the fourth quarter. For many business owners, from mid-October until January (Halloween to New Year’s). They will see an increase in their sales compared to the previous months. Clearly, if you’re a business owner and or a marketer this is the time that you need to put your best foot forward and use the most effective SMS/Text marketing tactics to reach consumers.


  • Back to School, Black Friday and Thanksgiving Text marketing campaigns will benefit from being sent closer to their calendar dates.
  • Halloween, Cyber Monday and Christmas Text marketing campaigns will benefit from being sent earlier and repeatedly (A text a week) for a month prior to the holiday e.g. October since people often need more time to plan things like costumes and Christmas gifts.

As for which day and time of the week your campaign will perform best? The answer is that it depends on many factors but it’s important for businesses to use all available SMS Marketing Features/Tools as effectively as possible every month to attract and retain customers.

  • In addition, business owners and marketers should also consider sending MMS / Picture Messaging promotions to attract customers.
  • Run SMS marketing reports, track performance and assess the data surrounding each campaign. Testing different sending days and times is a sure way to gauge your SMS effectiveness and it will allow you to define the right metrics for your next SMS marketing campaign.

To conclude- Business owners and marketers should combine every element of text marketing and using different features on there software vendor, along with an optimistic attitude towards trial and error will ultimately help to discover the best day and time to send an SMS marketing campaign to your customers.

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Kenneth Momanyi

Founder of TextWik, an interactive text messaging & integrated email marketing automation software. I help companies increase their customer engagement, retention, attract more clients and boost their profits through the power of text messaging. My fortes include but not limited to planning and implementation, list segmentation, strategizing, analyzing and targeting audience. As an expert, I share my knowledge through blogs, trainings, videos to help companies dig deep into SMS marketing channel, guide them learn and apply best practices for better results and to avoid costly TCPA litigation.

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