SMS Marketing Automation.

SMS Marketing Automation.

by Kenneth Momanyi January 05, 2018

Marketing for all business is challenging, especially during crazy-busy holiday season. As a business owner or marketer, you don’t have to struggle in this arena and simply think of investing in an SMS marketing program which isn’t all expensive but you’ll potentially reap a substantial reward. Remember, 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being sent, and they have a 90-second average response time. Whether you’re already running an SMS program or campaign or maybe you’re looking to start one, on this article I’ll be explaining in detail how to turn another brain inside SMS marketing software called Marketing automation.

SMS marketing, like any other marketing requires time, attention, and occasional fine-tuning your customers segmentation when manually sending SMS promotional messages. With automating your system you’ll be saving time and increase effectiveness through automated communication flows reaching each customer and leads with personalized messages that appeal to their needs and build stronger, more loyal relationships

Its proven that happier customers stay with you longer, they’ll give you more business which means more money, and sends recommendations to your business. Well, to get started with marketing automation using any SMS marketing platforms is quick and easy. Most platforms contain comprehensive resource training sections that will help with learning how to use their platform.

What is SMS Marketing Automation?

SMS Marketing automation is a software application in SMS or Email marketing platform existing to automate manual tasks and multi-step marketing processes. This application works best for demand generation, lead management, and lead nurturing.

Marketing automation has changed the way digital marketers interact with visitors, leads, prospects, and even customers. The automation tools make you keep on organized and simply enable you to schedule your campaigns ahead of time. It enables marketers to better engage customers in interactive dialogues that help build trust and loyalty by offering personalized messages, and individualized offers by monitoring and responding to changes in customer behaviors.

Strategy 1. Customer Service and Support Live chart

If you’re running any kind of business and you want it to thrive, you must find meaningful ways to stay in touch with clients and customers. Research shows that one of the most powerful ways to do so is through enhanced customer service and technical support. With SMS messaging, you’re sales or customer service team is able to keep and connect with your clients after the sale has been completed and with ongoing customer support and service when needed. Like a normal email ticket support channels, you can set up triggers to manage your Text tickets.  Most of the website support are limited if customers can stay on website longer. But with text, you can chart with customer anywhere.

Instead of waiting on hold for support, most of your customer are on the go. They can send a text to a 4 to 5 digit number for answers to their questions from wherever they are.

Benefits of Integrating an SMS Platform into your customer support

  • Answer and reply to support inquiries and request.
  • Provide step-by-step instruction and guidance of product.
  • Inform or alert customers about there answered ticket or request.
  • Providing resources for product assembly and installation.

Examples of Service and Support SMS Messages Application

If you’ve been working with technology, you’ll realize that a high number of support questions are the same for many products and services.

Instead of answering and supporting each question individually, creating automated SMS triggers can be put in place to reply to these common questions.

  1. Customer satisfaction Survey– Trigger text messages to customers to follow-up surveys or inquiries giving customers a chance to voice their level of satisfaction with how an issue was handled.
  2. Providing Instructions and Guidance – Trigger SMS message that walks a customer step-by-step, guidance to users or support customer requests. Example recipes, creating an account instruction through a process with text messaging.
  3. Notify, Alert customers when a support request has been completed or resolved – When dealing with high call volume and support ticket, mostly support requests may take time to be completed. Instead, create trigger to provide status of their tickets than a customers waiting for answers.
  4. Scheduling service requests (appointment)- Scheduling maintenance with customers via triggered text messaging is convenient and easy for everyone involved. This works best especially with autos (regular maintenance, oil change etc), also for dentist (regular check ups).

Strategy 2. Promos, Recommendations, and Up-selling

For instance, as a retail company, you might text customers for seasonal promotions. Example:

“Martin, thought you might like our new Sales. Past customers like you get an extra 20% off! Let me know. – [Ken @ TextWik]”.

Strategy 3. Customer anniversary, holiday, and happy birthday

Text customer anniversary, holiday, and happy birthday. Reach customers and leads with personalized messages and build stronger, more loyal relationship thus, increasing customer retention.

“Happy birthday, [Ken]! Enjoy 50% off your next [Company] purchase, and have a great day!”

What are Major Benefits of SMS Marketing Automation for Businesses.

  1. Saves Time & Money – Leveraging marketing automation and implement a solid customer journey optimization strategy will help you save time, money, and quickly acquire more customers.
  2. Lead Nurturing and Scoring- Automate workflows, segmented list, and send triggered text message at the right time can change a lead’s lifecycle stage or based on what level they’re at will make all the difference during lead nurturing and closing a sale. Your business customers might be in different stage, using marketing automation can send them targeted incentives, promotional text messages that will make them either purchase or sending a message like “Thank you for being our loyal customer” may push them closer to the sales funnel.
  3. Drip Campaigns – Within your SMS marketing platform, build a whole series of text messages that are automatically sent to new subscribers, or intro and welcome series when launching a new product campaign.
  4. Customer Retention – Using marketing Intelligence and automation software, companies can predict both existing and prospect customers’ behavior, see the need and decisions that will enable them to act timely with their marketing promotion. Customer acquisition and retention is the key for all small to corporate companies to continually grow. Most businesses have mastered the art of acquiring new customers but have found to be difficult to keep existing customers hence having an unbalanced performance between customer acquisition and retention.
  5. Better Customer Relationship marketing – This is s a strategy designed to boost customer loyalty, interaction and long-term engagement for better retention rates. Using SMS marketing automation and list segmentation. This will allow businesses to personalize their relationships with every customer segmentation list, new prospect, and lead through sending relevant text messages directly suited to their needs and interests and by promoting open communication which in turn will develop strong connections with customers.
  6. Increase in revenue – Leveraging marketing automation technologies will enable you to automate manual process, and measure your marketing activities, workflows and strategies to attract more customer faster, and generate a higher return of investment (ROI).

In conclusion, SMS marketing automation is one of the most lead nurturing tool for potential customers that are not yet ready to buy. If your business’ focus is on results and is always looking for ways to make processes more productive and profitable, automating text marketing activities will increase in the investment of the leads generation.

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Kenneth Momanyi

Founder of TextWik, an interactive text messaging & integrated email marketing automation software. I help companies increase their customer engagement, retention, attract more clients and boost their profits through the power of text messaging. My fortes include but not limited to planning and implementation, list segmentation, strategizing, analyzing and targeting audience. As an expert, I share my knowledge through blogs, trainings, videos to help companies dig deep into SMS marketing channel, guide them learn and apply best practices for better results and to avoid costly TCPA litigation.

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