Ford SMS Marketing Campaign That Resulted in a 15.4% Conversion Rate

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Ford SMS Marketing Campaign That Resulted in a 15.4% Conversion Rate


December. 05, 17


Ford UK Promoted 'Evil Twin' Sportka via SMS Marketing Campaign That Resulted in a 15.4% Conversion Rate

This case study is to guide you through the experiences with SMS marketing campign and the ways in which text messaging helped Ford to reach their marketing objectives and goals. Here are 3 case studies showing how Ford launched a series of SMS marketing promotion in UK, USA and Canada.

Ford Case Study 1: Late November 2003,  Ford UK launched an extensive digital and direct marketing campaign to promote awareness of its new Ka. The opt-in message was published on a specially designed postcards promoting the Ka model that was mailed to people. Per the campaign manager, this was to target young female drivers looking to purchase their first car. The lead magnet for the promotion was to offer consumers the chance to win a shopping spree to New York. This was successful and the ford saw a huge sale of it Ka models.

Ford Case Study 2: Correspondingly, Ford UK launched a 2nd mobile marketing campaign to promote Ford’s new Sportka model. The campaign will specifically target young male drivers to highlight the new Sportka’s position as ‘Ka’s Evil Twin’. Using an SMS marketing software, the campaign dupped text to win entry was sent out to over 30,000 prospects asking them to join and receive further info and a chance to win a range of prizes including TV’s and DVD players. Also recipient response was  required to include email address on the text and where encouraged to complete and return a short lifestyle focussed questionnaire included within the pack.

“SMS is a great medium for Ford to contact young male drivers, who are extremely confident and comfortable using text to communicate. The immediacy and ease of response of mobile makes it the ideal method for establishing contact and building a long-term communication.”- Usha Raghavachari, Ford Ka brand manager,

Note: The contact info captured through the promotion was a great opt-in and was used to develop an on-going customer engagement the target audience via SMS, email and direct marketing.

Ford Case Study 3: Ford launched an SMS Marketing campaign in order to increase qualified leads on its new Taurus and Escape models. Ford’s campaign was displayed on newspaper advertisement with a great call-to-action asking its readers to text the word FORD to 63611 to receive more information about purchasing new Ford Taurus and Escape models. See below image…

“For more information, text FORD to 63611.”

Consumers who texted the number were asked to respond with the ford car they were most interested in, their zip code, and their full name. This info was sent to the nearest local Ford dealer based on consumers zip code for a salesperson follow-up. Very useful tactic used on this campaign is use of Reminders, this campaign was set to politely remind the prospect over a period of 30 days to finish providing the part of the requested information. Example is if you stopped after giving your your name and didn’t proceed with providing your zip code, the system texted you 3 different times over a period of 1 month. This tactic seemed to work, and the campaign was a successful SMS marketing campaign that ended up generating an astonishing 15.4% conversion rate.

This is a great take way for you to use and blend of traditional and new digital marketing strategy to gain more customers and increase your conversion rate.