Choosing The Right SMS Marketing Software Solution Provider?

Choosing The Right SMS Marketing Software Solution Provider?

by Kenneth Momanyi December 06, 2017

From a specialist stand point, how do you choose the right bulk SMS Service providers for your marketing needs? How do you sort through the marketing and sales hype? And how can you tell which vendor will be with you for the long haul and which will disappear after the sale or when the business isn’t picking up? These are just some of the few questions our clients “SMS marketers” bring about when evaluating our software TextWik solutions to there business.

While budgetary concerns are always an important factor, choosing a bulk SMS Marketing software based solely on whether they are the cheapest can/may result in a bad experience for both parties. To avoid a negative outcome, it is recommended that companies look at multiple factors including features when choosing the best software partner for their project.

1. Software Cost vs.Value

This is integral to any business decision but shouldn’t be the main factor to consider when choosing SMS Marketing software. It does’t mean that you purchase more expensive software because it has a long list of extra features, as many of those features might not even apply to your business or be usable

2. After-sales support.

Does the vendor assist customer in using the software correctly, offer recommendations on features. It is important that your SMS Marketing software company’s support department is available when you need them.


3. Take a test drive

Since most SaaS companies offer a FREE TRIAL to test features, benefits and usability. The best way is to kick the tires before committing to a new software solution.

4. Updates and Upgrades.

One of the widely overlooked key item. Check when they software had the last release features or update, are the updates done regularly and are customers notified via email etc.

6. Bugs” fixing. 

Every software has bugs, and most software don’t fix bugs until customers notice them. When purchasing the right SMS Marketing software for your marketing, you need to be aware of the software company’s procedures for fixing those bugs when they arise.

7. Reviews and Feedback’s.

check on the reviews and software feedback’s, see what other customers are saying about the software experience.

Now over to you, folks!

Bulk SMS Marketing Software for your business can be very cheap. But to avoid making mistakes, when evaluating SMS Marketing software it is very important that you make sure that it is the right software for your company’s particular needs. SMS Marketing Software should be more efficient and not be difficult to adopt and utilize. Give TextWik a TEST DRIVE today.

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Kenneth Momanyi

Founder of TextWik, an interactive text messaging & integrated email marketing automation software. I help companies increase their customer engagement, retention, attract more clients and boost their profits through the power of text messaging. My fortes include but not limited to planning and implementation, list segmentation, strategizing, analyzing and targeting audience. As an expert, I share my knowledge through blogs, trainings, videos to help companies dig deep into SMS marketing channel, guide them learn and apply best practices for better results and to avoid costly TCPA litigation.

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